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The old leaded windows in our 400 year old listed home made the house cold
and draughty. We were fortunate to meet Alex of the Conservation Shutter
Company at the Listed Property Show and were very impressed with his window
products and solutiosn. Now, with many of our windows fitted with bespoke
oak frames and excellent secondary glazing the difference is enormous. Alex
did a terrific job - the quality of his craftsmanship is superb. The house
is now warm and cosy, with the additional benefit that exterior noise is
dramatically reduced .... warmth and tranquillity are now ours to live with!

Tanya Coleman

Just a note to say how pleased we are with the beautiful double glazed
shutters. The extra warmth has been obvious from the start but the recent
appalling winds have shown even more how excellent they are. The house used
to be full of draughts & now it is really cosy. Everyone who comes says how
attractive they are too, so they are a real asset.

Heather and Chris

We have spent a very happy few days here in Wales enjoying a warm and
draught free house for the very first time!!!!! The shutters are greatly
admired by everyone - especially an architect friend - the quality and
handiwork is superb. We do thank you so much.

Phillipa John

Alex is a total professional with lots of expertise and experience.
Quality product that is value for money. Innovative with suggestions & solutions.

Helpful and pleasant at all times. Will definitely use him again in the future and happy to recommend him.

Mr Oldbrook

Old buildings are inherently sustainable, but finding ways to make them more energy efficient is one of the biggest conservation challenges of the 21st century. The Conservation Shutter aims to improve energy efficiency by combining a traditional concept with new design and craftmanship, and by minimizing the impact on the old building. The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) is currently testing a Conservation Shutter at its premises in Spitalfields, London.

Matthew Slocombe, SPAB

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