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Welcome to the Conservation Shutter company

Over the past three years the Conservation Shutter Company has been installing bespoke secondary glazing all over the country.

Hand made by skilled Cabinet Makers, our secondary glazing is designed and produced to be attractive and sympathetic to your property and to improve the thermal efficiency of your old windows.

Our aim is to help reduce heat loss in old buildings, preserve for the future the integrity of our country's historical buildings and most importantly, to decrease the impact on our environment by reducing energy consumption and in turn cutting Carbon Emissions. We are very excited by positive feedback we have received from English Heritage, The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and Edinburgh World Heritage Trust.

We have combined the idea of traditional solid wood shutters and secondary glazing by creating a glazed shutter system. We use double-glazed units to minimize heat loss and unlike solid wood shutters they allow daylight into your property.

Over the past years we have seen a lot of windows in many shapes and sizes. We have individually designed and installed many bespoke secondary glazings solutions - please take a look through our gallery to see some of the projects we have undertaken, from a single window to an entire house.

A simple, but unique idea we are very proud to offer.



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